Our Journey

As lovers of good food, appreciating healthy, satisfying meals from a variety of cultures both always had one guilty pleasure…a jaw droppingly good burger! Now, great burgers are a masterpiece of culinary genius and are very hard to find!

Many pubs, bars and restaurants serve a burger because, lets face it, everyone loves them, but not many places locally dedicate their destination to the great British Burger. So, that’s what we decided to do, and HIDE was born. A burger bar with a small simple burger menu made from good honest ingredients, inspired by not just British food, but by local produce too.

A Great Burger

We appreciate at first bite the melt in the mouth beef, the cut, the age and the grind of the meat, the flat top grill cooking method that achieves that well rested medium rare burger. It’s about the correct characteristics of the bun, the flavorsome twang of the relish on the burger, the perfectly melted cheese, the intense smoky flavor of the bacon, the freshness of salad ingredients and the crunch of the homemade pickle.

Then what completes the experience is the marriage of the burger to those perfectly seasoned hand cut salted chips that finally fashions what we consider to be a GREAT burger.


★ Sunday lunch served from 12 to 5pm ★


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Meet our Butcher

Our burgers are made from 100% freshly ground Derbyshire beef, using the fore quarter of animal, other wise know as Chuck Steak. This part of the cow yields some of the most flavourful beef. The flavoursome, smoky bacon is bought from the same butcher and is known as Packington Pig Bacon.

Our Baker

Our local bakery has been baking bread since 1908, and deliver our gorgeously squidgy and soft brioche buns. Not an easy bun to perfect, they have gone to great lengths for us! Thanks guys!

and Great
Burger Makers

These are the fabulous and passionate team that perfectly crafts your burger. First they make the slaw, the crispy onions, the holi cow relish and the smokey moo mayo. They pickle the cucumber, they chop the potatoes, they slice the salad… and then they griddle, grill, bake & fry to cook, assemble and present you with your great burger!


Tues to Thur | 10am - 3pm | 5pm - 9pm

Fri and Sat | 10am - 3pm | 5pm - 10pm

Sunday | 11am - 4pm


Book a table now on our website, for groups of 6 or more give us a call!
For tables of 10 or more we do ask for a pre-order so we can make sure you are all looked after!

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01332 742790


Riverside Chambers (The Old Magistrates Court Building)
Derwent Street, Derby, DE1 3AF

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